Social Media Marketing.

Build business results through a social media campaign.
Your potential customers and clients are here. We’ll help you target them with an effective advertising strategy using the proper technical setup, targeting, and creative. Social media ads have evolved into one of the primary public frontages of your business, so getting things right is critical in your channel mix. We’ll help you achieve your business goals while optimising your ad spend for the best return on investment. 

Social Media Experts.

Paid social media marketing campaigns have established themselves as a part of everyday digital marketing strategy. However, they’re often misused and undervalued. A plethora of social media platforms exists, making the technical implementation and creative excellence across all of them a fine art. Numerous techniques are required to maximise the return from Google ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Instagram ads and Twitter ads. Partnering with a social media agency can help you maximise your social media marketing efforts generating more customers and more sales. If you own a LinkedIn Company page, you can even reach out to a corporate audience through LinkedIn ads, with business to business (B2B) marketing.

How we can help with your Paid Social Media Marketing

Working with a social media agency can take your content marketing to the next level. We can also help with other aspects of your marketing strategy including Google Ads, search engine optimisation and analytics. When you partner with us you can expect:

Channel Selection

We partner closely with you to understand your business goals and social media advertising needs from the get-go. We unlock insights from these planning sessions to select the optimal social media channels for your digital marketing campaigns. We’ll ensure social media success, meeting those goals through YouTube videos, Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, LinkedIn advertising, or Twitter advertising. Or, we’ll help you maximise user-generated social media content from reviews on your company Facebook page.

Technical Setup

We help implement the tech that powers your social media advertising campaigns, from tracking pixels to API connections.

Tracking setup

A key aspect of digital marketing is data. We need the correct data to make the right decisions for your social media marketing plan. We set up goal conversions and pull first-party data from your CRM.

Ad Formats

Social platforms create a playground for creative. Whether they’re photo ads, text ads, video ads, story ads, carousel ads, or slideshows – the abundance of social ads allows us to choose the perfect ad format for each channel to build your brand story and a loyal audience.

Dynamic Marketing Ads

We can show your target audience personalised product ads while they’re active on social media accounts. Social media ads are perfect for generating leads. We will target LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook users based on previous online behaviours, actions, or interests. So how much does social media advertising cost? We’ve got a social media advertising solution for all budgets, from just a few dollars a day.

Leverage First-Party Data

We leverage your client data and use this to target the right audience with a specific social media ad campaign on any social media platform. Using this information, we can also target similar audiences to your existing clients across different social media advertising platforms, tailoring social ads based on their demographics.

Our Approach

1. Onboarding

When you first partner with us as a social media marketing agency, we focus on building a strong understanding of your business, target market, and highest-value pages. This information helps us hone in on your top-ranking competitors and the best growth opportunities.

2. Actioning

We use the brand knowledge from your onboarding and research from industry leaders in your niche to identify the right social media platforms, select the right marketing creatives, and target the relevant audience with your new paid social media ad campaigns.

You may want to encourage potential new customers to communicate with you through Facebook Messenger ads, advertise a product launch through Instagram stories ads, or deliver a compelling message through a Facebook ad or YouTube video ad. Perhaps you’re looking to increase engagement through a new high-quality blog post. Whichever advertising platform you choose, we’ll create ads that deliver results.

3. Reporting

We provide regular, transparent social media performance reporting on traffic conversions at the end of the funnel and how this feeds potential customers at the top of the funnel. In addition, we offer feedback and communication via calls, emails, face-to-face meetings, or any video conferencing system you prefer.

What’s the Search Republic difference?

As a social media marketing agency, your success is our success. You tap into over 15 years of social media management experience when you join us. Our commitment to building and nurturing proven partnerships means we’ve helped our partners boost their presence on social media platforms, drive engagement, generate leads, and increase traffic and conversions every year they work with us.

Many of our high-profile partners have worked with us for over five years, some over nine years. We tailor your social media strategy to the unique goals of your business – whether it’s lead generation to build out an existing local audience or expanding reach to different countries. We’re Kiwi-based but have worked with our partners to improve social media strategy geo-targeting worldwide, growing traffic in numerous overseas markets.

We successfully managed ad campaigns for Online Republic (now known as GoSee), the biggest provider of cars and motorhomes in the universe. Our clients partner with us for long-term growth, with five years being the current average.

Hear what our partners have to say about us

It’s easy to wow an audience with innovative promises about paid ads through social media marketing strategies. But here at Search Republic, we care about measurable results. Check out testimonials from clients on the other end of our wonderful partnerships, and discover how Search Republic’s social media marketing services have shaped their success.

Gareth Poley

Head of Marketing – TRAFFIC 

Traffic has seen significant global growth since partnering with Search Republic, with 63 franchises joining them in the past year. Gareth Poley, Head of Marketing, sees us as an extension of his team. With multiple aspects of the business requiring growth, he claims Search Republic has not only been able to manage such scale and complexity but has stayed consistently informative throughout the process. Discover more about why Gareth sees Traffic’s partnership with Search Republic as the most transparent agreement they have ever made.

What our clients say

Our Case Studies.

Read more about how we’ve grown our partnerships.


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Paid Search - Omega realised there was a huge, growing audience they hadn’t tapped into - online marketing.

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Paid Search - to gain market share across online channels, NZ Safety Blackwoods realised they needed to take digital marketing seriously. 

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