Mitre 10

Replatforming Analytics & SEO – Organic sales increased 12% within 6 months of project rollout.

Company: Mitre 10

Dates: July 2019

The Challenge

Mitre 10 was replatforming everything within their group, from point-of-sale terminals through to the intranet. This included the daunting challenge of migrating their external facing website. 

It was quickly concluded that this task could not be conquered alone. They needed an agency who were experts in Analytics and SEO, with the ability to manage such a large and complex site migration job. 

After asking around both NZ and Australia, Mitre 10 were referred to Search Republic. The rest is history. 

The Search Republic Difference

    • We undertook a pre and post-migration SEO audit, rolling out analytics across all touchpoints. This included advanced e-commerce, goal identification, and all conversion set-ups.
    • Search Republic team members moved into Mitre 10’s offices for the duration of the project to be close to the project management and IT teams.
    • We set up benchmarking across all of Mitre 10’s SEO to understand what was happening before the platform migration. This provided us with a baseline for comparison and the ability to quickly identify where any drop in traffic or other issues were coming from. 
    • We also created a detailed map of all conversions set up in analytics, including advanced e-commerce.
    • During the 6 week migration, Search Republic became an integrated partner in the Mitre 10 project team. Our consistent engagement with the IT and marketing teams during the process allowed us to make continual adjustments in alignment with Mitre 10’s goals.


Search Republic drove a 12%
increase in organic sales in the first 6 months after roll out.


The Results

  • Organic traffic dropped directly after launch, however within 3 months had regained and increased by 10%.
  • Organic sales increased 12% over the following 6 months. 
  • 500 new keywords moved into position 1 – 3 in the first three months after the audit.
  • All forms of tracking pulled data correctly, including advanced e-commerce tracking and cross domain tracking.

What our clients say

“The whole job has been really good. Initially I guess I was expecting a hands off engagement with a report filed at the end. It took me a while to adjust to the fact that Isreal was really becoming part of the team. He’s chased this through to completion, monitoring and using the team to make adjustments. It’s been very smooth.

So thanks for the great result. You guys work just like I wish every other vendor would. You guys are rock stars.”

Joel McFarlaneProject Manager at Mitre 10