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Our wonderful clients share how partnering with Search Republic has expanded their possibilities and produced meaningful success.

Debbie Lowe

Head of Marketing and Client Experience – Gallagher (formerly Crombie Lockwood)

Gallagher’s search marketing has reached new heights thanks to Search Republic’s expertise. Head of Marketing and Client Experience Debbie Lowe values that we bring the right results with our deep understanding of our clients, taking the proactive approach by constantly finding new ways to maximise SEO and SEM. Learn more from Debbie about how Search Republic’s trusted partnership with Gallagher has helped with digital marketing for the company when every dollar counts.

Angela Hallberg

Marketing Manager – Index Tourism Group

Index Tourism Group has not looked back since partnering with Search Republic. Valuing our constant and immediate recommendations in response to changes within Google, Marketing Manager Angela Hallberg says that Search Republic understands the ongoing nature of this process. Not only do we get results, but we facilitate an easy, flexible, and effective working relationship. Hear Angela talk about how Search Republic’s in-depth industry knowledge is resulting in significant gains and improvement for the company.

Gareth Poley

Global Head of Marketing – TRAFFIC

Traffic has seen significant global growth since partnering with Search Republic, with 63 franchises joining them in the past year. Gareth Poley, Head of Marketing, sees us as an extension of his team. With multiple aspects of the business requiring growth, he claims Search Republic has not only been able to manage such scale and complexity but has stayed consistently informative throughout the process. Discover more about why Gareth sees Traffic’s partnership with Search Republic as the most transparent agreement they have ever made. 

Andrew Wellgreen

Digital Manager – NZ Safety Blackwoods

NZ Safety Blackwoods is constantly changing as a business. Digital Manager Andrew Wellgreen says Search Republic has navigated and adapted to whatever new challenges are presented, proving to be the strong partner needed in such an environment. Although numbers are important, he highlights the insights from reporting as particularly valuable in propelling future growth. Hear more from Andrew about how Search Republic has produced significant improvements within NZSBW’s digital platforms, ensuring they can take full advantage of the opportunities search provides. 

Michael Heron QC

Founder and CEO – Agreeable

Agreeable have gone through numerous iterations since their start-up beginnings in 2016. They sold one section of the business to an Australian company, partly due to a significant increase in Agreeable’s digital marketing success. CEO, founder, and QC Mike Heron claims this success didn’t come from word of mouth or by paying Google and Facebook – it came from Search Republic’s expertise. Hear more from Mike about how partnering with Search Republic has produced substantial conversion results and expanded possibilities.

Christopher Taylor

Co-Founder and Director – Ocula

Bringing in the right traffic has always been imperative for Ocula because a significant component of their business model involves making contact with collectors worldwide. Co-Founder and Director Christopher Taylor values Search Republic’s open-minded, collaborative, and adaptable approach, claiming it’s what sets us apart from agencies Ocula has previously worked with. Hear more from Chris about how Ocula’s long term relationship with Search Republic has consistently aligned with their goals and allowed them to make an international reach.

Ben Stevens

Founder and CEO – Flipview

Flipview started working with Search Republic in early 2021 and has already seen phenomenal results. They have received inbound leads for the first time and have built a revenue model that works. Founder and CEO Ben Stevens takes huge comfort in handing over the responsibilities to us. Demystifying an otherwise incomprehensible process, Search Republic has helped Flipview understand things from the customer’s angle. Learn more from Ben about the critical role Search Republic continues to play in taking Flipview to the next level.

Glen Barnes

Chief Product Officer – STQRY

STQRY always knew that Search was something they needed to invest in. Although they were aware of the basic concepts, executing it was a different story. That’s where Search Republic came in. Although STQRY started on a limited budget, Search Republic was willing to work and grow with them over time. Chief Product Officer Glen Barnes claims Search Republic knows the right questions to ask and engages in a proactive approach, seeking consistent improvement. Learn more from Glen about how Search Republic continues to deliver on our promises. 

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