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We’ve worked with some of New Zealand’s biggest companies to optimise their business listings, write valuable long-form content, find the best high-converting keywords to match their market and grow organic rankings to send high-value engagement to their websites.

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Our office is welcome to you – based in Central Auckland – with the same experts who work on the tools ready to plan the perfect SEO strategy with your team face-to-face.

White-hat SEO company in Auckland

We respect that every website is different, and dedicate time into building the best possible keyword strategy for your unique products, company story, and target audiences.

We work with you to create an SEO optimisation plan that works for your team – from collaboration with in-house developers to direct uploading of actions to your content management system.

The goal of SEO

Best-practice SEO results in valuable page 1 rankings. To get there, you need build useful content, links, metadata, and more webpage elements around the search terms used by your target market.

SEO best practices we can help with:

– Writing unique, informative content for each landing page.
– Targeting each page around specific, highly searched keywords that answer the user’s query.
– Crafting engaging meta title tags and descriptions to encourage clicks to organic search results.
– Ensuring third-party backlinks to your website are trustworthy and closely related to your industry.

Let’s build your Auckland business SEO strategy.

Dedicated keyword research

The first and most important step – we identify a primary theme for each page that delivers traffic and conversions and matches the user’s search query.

Full on-page optimisation

We do a full sweep of crucial page elements such as header navigation, page interlinking, title tags, meta descriptions and ALT test and ensure they are optimised with the right keywords.

Quality content

User-focused, clearly structured, topical content is what Google loves. Our content team will help you craft unique, targeted content that becomes the one-stop answer for your customers.

Local directory listings

We’ll do a full audit of where your NAP (name, address and phone number) are mentioned across the web and ensure your company’s contact details are visible, up-to-date, and appearing high in local Auckland search results.

Quality, relevant backlinks

We help audit current backlinks pointing to your website to make sure they are from relevant, authoritative domains.

Indexing & technical SEO

We ensure search engines can see every crucial page, performing regular technical audits to push indexing for new pages, remedy broken links, and provide solutions for other technical issues during regular site maintenance or migrations.

Benefits of a local Auckland SEO agency:

  • No time zone worries – enjoy fast and easy communication.
  • Save hours on onboarding and logistics – your agency team can visit your premises to discuss strategy and technical issues with developers.
  • You can easily check local reviews and see if the agency has experience with your market, industry environment, and competitor trends.
  • Need more to help with your decision? Ask the agency about their management processes and how they’ll run your account.

Finding a reliable, trusted agency

  • Finding a good Auckland SEO agency can be time-consuming and expensive if you get it wrong.
  • At Search Republic, we have years of successful experience optimising businesses to appear high in Google and Bing search results.
  • Clients consider us experts at local optimisation, and our results speak for themselves.

About Search Republic – Why trust us with your SEO?

With years of experience in the team, we can help you find the best digital marketing solution to help your website improve its organic rankings. We’re one of the leading companies offering SEO in Auckland – see what our clients have to say about our work here. We have owned and optimised over 3,500 websites, each generating millions in online revenue, and have helped websites across dozens of industries to gain organic ranking positions in Google for terms that are valuable and convert for the business.

We’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch with our team for a no-obligation chat to learn how to improve your online presence using a sound online marketing strategy. If you want to rank for keywords related to your product or service, please get in touch today. We’d love to see where we could help you.

Ready for more quality traffic, leads and conversions?

See answers to frequently asked questions below.

How much does SEO cost?

The price of SEO varies depending on the experience of the supplier, where they’re located, and what types of work they undertake for you. See more of our FAQ accordions below, for a breakdown of the various costs associated with on-page and off-page optimisation.

What is local optimisation?

Your website is probably already appearing on local SEO search, or NAP (name, address and phone number). These details should be kept accurate and consistent across all online citations – for example, on business directory listings.

We recommend conducting regular audits of your company’s online citations on both local and industry niche directories. SEO costs for optimising these typically depends on how many local business directories your website is listed on.

Larger agencies will often charge more, whilst experienced, but small, one-man-band agencies can start at lower prices.  Local optimisation is crucial as Google continues to improve the quality of local search results.

Helping your business rank in the local business listing pack usually leads to significant increases in traffic, calls and leads – which is well worth the investment!

What is on-page optimisation?

On-page optimisation means updating website elements to help search engines understand what your page content is about.

For your business to rank highly in the search results, Google must determine that the content on your web page is the most relevant to a user’s search query.  To do this, Google and other search engines look at a combination of on-page elements to give it signals of the pages’ topic and relevance. Some of these include title tags, heading structure, descriptive image text for screenreaders (known as ALT text), and most importantly, keyword usage within the main body content.

The cost of on-page optimisation is generally more than local SEO, because it’s more complicated. E-commerce sites and websites with hundreds of thousands of pages generally cost more for obvious reasons.

If your website is losing traffic or is large, it’s important that you engage with an expert who is experienced optimising large websites. A mistake can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars!

If you already use a digital marketing agency, grill them on their knowledge of search engine optimisation and check their answers against best practices.

What is off-page optimisation?

Off-page optimisation is the process of building quality backlinks to a website, or disavowing (removing) them in the case of a penalty.

Backlinks can be built in various ways. However, the most important aspect to link building is ensuring they’re natural, and from reputable, relevant websites.

In April 2012, Google released an algorithm update called Penguin that identified and punished websites that were trying to manipulate the search results by building questionable links. These link-building tactics and generally automated and cheap to buy. Some websites see a short-term spike in rankings from these, but eventually, Google’s algorithms will identify pages with low-quality backlinks and remove them from the search results – or worse, penalise the entire site.

Legitimate link building is the process of earning high-quality links back to your website. The more authoritative and relevant the site linking back, the more value it has.

It’s important to ask the company you’re working with exactly how they build backlinks.

How does Search Republic manage SEO backlinks?

The first step in our link-building strategy is to assess existing backlinks and where the website currently ranks.

After any existing issues with backinks are looked after, we review the top-ranking sites in your industry and reverse engineer what types of backlinks link to the best-performing competitors.

SEO linking tasks:

  • Optimising local citations – setting up backlinks from high-quality business directories or industry-relevant directories.
  • Cleaning up errors – finding broken links on linking partner sites, or error pages on the client’s site.
  • Organising natural backlinks – from the client’s partners, suppliers or customers.
  • Nurturing opportunities for natural links – publishing amazing, unique, shareable, quality content on the client’s website.
  • Building internal backlinks from powerful pages to newer pages – working with your web developers to interlink to priority pages within the site to build authority.

Comparing Auckland SEO agencies – How to find a team that knows what they’re doing!

When choosing an agency to start work on your website, it’s important you undertake due diligence before hiring them.

  • Visit their website to check their physical location. Are their offices based in New Zealand? Navigate through the website – does it look professional?
  • Do they provide details about their optimisation process and past results? They should.  A good company will list testimonials of New Zealand customers.
  • Are they thought leaders in search engine optimisation? Do they write articles that provide useful insights that are relevant to New Zealand businesses, and explain this in basic terms?

How to review an SEO agency's online reviews

Search for online testimonials or reviews from their SEO clients. Review each comment to ensure its authenticity.

Do you see an Auckland SEO agency with fifty 5-star reviews, placed within days of each other? This is suspicious – it’s highly unlikely that a company will have this many reviews, and it’s very unlikely reviews will be placed around the same time.

If you see this, remove this company from your consideration immediately.

Getting in touch with an SEO agency for the first time

Once you’re comfortable a service provider is legitimate, ask to interview them over the phone, Skype or meet in person. If you can, meet at their premises so you can ascertain how big they are, and confirm they’re a legitimate business. You’re putting the health and reputation of your business in this person’s hands.

SEO performed poorly or against search engine terms and conditions (known as “black-hat” SEO) can lead to penalties and a significant drop in website traffic. It can take months or even years to recover from poor optimisation.

Great questions to ask a prospective Auckland SEO agency

  • Can you tell me about some case studies for your current and past clients?
  • Can you walk me through your auditing/optimisation process for a page?
  • When can I expect to see results?
  • Can you guarantee #1 position for generic terms if we were to choose you as our provider? (The answer should never be a firm Yes)
  • How do you build backlinks?

Searching for an Auckland SEO specialist

If you can’t find a company located in the vicinity of your business, consider partnering with an Auckland-based SEO company. Due to the size and concentration of local businesses, Auckland has New Zealand’s largest number of agencies.

With today’s technology, interviews and meetings can be held over video calls or the phone, but we recommend meeting with agencies in person. Visit their offices and talk with the people who will undertake the optimisation of your site.

The Central Auckland Business District is a 30-45 minute drive from the domestic airport, depending on traffic. Either fly in early or after 9 AM to avoid the traffic. Transport options vary from the Auckland Transport bus network that runs to the CBD to local rental car companies, Uber and taxis. If you’re organised, you could meet with three to four different companies, and be back in time for a 6 PM flight.

If you don’t feel like driving around, consider booking a meeting room at a shared business centre, and ask each agency to come to you. They’re trying to win your business and shouldn’t have a problem accommodating your request.

Should I invest in SEO or other marketing activities?

There is no right or wrong answer here. It depends on your industry and current SEO and marketing situation. You may find it’s more cost-effective, scalable and profitable to focus your effort and money on Google Adwords and other paid search traffic sources or PR.

A good company will tell you this honestly, and guide you to the solution that is best for your company. Search engine optimisation can be a great strategy for driving leads and sales, and also raising awareness of your brand via a well-researched and executed content marketing strategy.

The key is to assess the market potential and to understand how much investment is needed to see results. A new website would require more investment and time to see the returns, whereas an established, authoritative website with lots of content could see a significant increase in traffic and conversion if optimisation was performed.

Before investing in SEO, ask yourself…

  • How old is your website?
    If it’s new, more investment is required.
  • Can your web designers assist with uploading SEO recommendations?
    Will you require some extra budget for your agency to upload directly to the CMS?
  • How competitive is your industry?
    An industry that is highly competitive will require higher levels of investment.
  • How much organic traffic does your site receive?
    If your site already receives a reasonable amount of organic traffic, website optimisation will probably help increase visit and conversion numbers further.
  • Do you need results immediately?
    SEO takes time. Expect to invest for a minimum of three to six months minimum before seeing results.
  • Do you have sufficient budgets to invest?
    You pay for what you get.  Don’t buy cheap services – only use reputable providers.

Your answers will help you decide how much SEO investment you need.

Let us help you today!