Digital Strategy.

Leverage the right digital marketing channels and tools to improve business performance.
We’ll partner closely with you to understand your business goals and carefully select the best digital channels, tools, and platforms to ensure you reach your desired audience at the right moment with the right message.

Our Expertise.

Digital strategy is something Search Republic has specialised in since our 2013 beginnings. We’ve helped a lot of New Zealand’s well-known brands hit and surpass their digital marketing goals. With many years of experience under our belt, we’ve established that it comes back to getting the digital marketing strategy right from the start.


Our skilled team of digital marketing experts has the resources and expertise to produce lasting results for our partners. We work closely with our partners, leveraging the smart use of data and innovative application of technology to create unique digital strategies that propel their businesses forward.


Search Republic can help.

How we can help with your Digital Strategy

The Team

From first engagement, you’ll be assigned a team member with expertise and experience in your industry. We have some of the brightest digital strategists, planners, and practitioners in New Zealand to partner with you. We’ll invest time getting close to your team and truly understanding your business. Search Republic will act as a true partner to your organisation, proactively identifying and leveraging every available opportunity.

Goal Setting

We work closely with you to create a digital marketing strategy. The destination is a set of defined digital marketing goals we hope to achieve through our combined efforts. These goals should be tied back to the fundamental goals of your business. Deciding on the goals allows us to ensure we are tracking the right results.

Defining the Target Audience

Search Republic makes sure we (and the partner) understand the target audience, demographics, and psychology of new and existing customers. We create client personas that help to pinpoint exactly who we want to speak with, knowing they will be interested in what we have to say.

Identifying Effective Channels

Once we identify who we want to get in front of, we establish exactly how and where to find them. We determine what stage they’re at in their buying journey and then develop the best creative to engage them. There are three stages prospects may be in: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. Each stage has different goals, requiring different channels and different creative. Using this information, we develop a strategy that helps our partners move towards their marketing goals more strategically.

Getting the Message Right

We like to understand our partner’s audiences as well as they do. Each stage of the sales funnel requires different creative messaging that appeals to prospects depending on what stage they are in. We speak on their terms, identify their main points, and outline how we can solve their problems. Once the research is undertaken, we are in a position where we can create personalised messaging that audiences will be far more receptive to.

Measurement and Reporting

A Digital Strategy needs to be thoroughly measured and reported on to understand what is working and what needs tweaking. We work closely with all our partners to create reports that clearly and concisely outline results, keeping our partner’s needs at the forefront.

Our Approach

1. Onboarding

We talk with you to build a strong understanding of your business, target audience, and long-term goals. This information helps us hone in on your best digital marketing opportunities for engagement and growth.

2. Actioning

We research your target audience and use our expertise to develop a digital strategy in alignment with your marketing goals. Our team implements the most effective tools, channels, & messaging to achieve results.

3. Reporting

We provide regular transparent reporting on your traffic and conversion progress, plus details about Google’s latest updates that affect your strategy. All the time, we offer feedback and communication via calls, emails, face-to-face meetings, or any conferencing system you prefer.

What’s the Search Republic difference?

We treat every client as a partner. As a digital marketing agency, we believe your success is also our success. When you join us, you tap into over 15 years of combined online marketing experience. Our commitment to building and nurturing proven partnerships means we have helped our partners increase their marketing traffic with every year they work with us.

Some of our high-profile partners have stayed with us for over 9 years. To continue providing value year after year, we work to tailor each digital strategy to the unique goals of each business – whether it’s building an existing local audience or expanding reach to different countries. We’re Kiwi-based but have worked with our partners to improve search engine GEO-targeting all over the world – improving organic traffic in a range of overseas markets.

We helped to build Online Republic (now known as GoSee) from the ground up – the biggest provider of cars and motorhomes in the universe. Our clients partner with us for long-term growth – 5 years is the current average.

Hear what our partners have to say about us

It’s easy to wow an audience with elaborate ideas around Digital Strategy. But here at Search Republic, we care about results.
Check out testimonials from clients on the other end of our wonderful partnerships, and discover how Search Republic’s Digital Strategy services have shaped their success.

Ben Stevens

Founder and CEO – Flipview

Flipview started working with Search Republic in early 2021 and has already seen phenomenal results. They have received inbound leads for the first time and have built a revenue model that works. Founder and CEO Ben Stevens takes huge comfort in handing over the responsibilities to us. Demystifying an otherwise incomprehensible process, Search Republic has helped Flipview understand things from the customer’s angle. Learn more from Ben about the critical role Search Republic continues to play in taking Flipview to the next level.

What our clients say

Our Case Studies.

Read more about how we’ve grown our partnerships.


Mitre 10

Mitre 10 needed an agency who were experts in Analytics and SEO, with the ability to manage a large and complex site migration.

Omega Rental Cars – Paid Search

Paid Search - Omega realised there was a huge, growing audience they hadn’t tapped into - online marketing.

NZ Safety Blackwoods

SEO - NZ Safety Blackwoods needed to establish a strong organic presence in the hugely competitive safety equipment market.

NZ Safety Blackwoods

Paid Search - to gain market share across online channels, NZ Safety Blackwoods realised they needed to take digital marketing seriously. 

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