Omega Rental Cars 

Performance Media for 8+ years has increased revenue by 1000%.

Company: Omega Rental Cars

Dates: Between 2013 and October 2021

The Challenge

Omega’s journey to improving paid media performance began in 2013. The New Zealand car rental market was highly fragmented and competitive. Although Omega Rental Cars had dedicated two decades to building their brand in traditional advertising such as TV and radio, they realised there was a huge, growing audience they hadn’t taken full advantage of – online marketing.

Company owner Simon Sceats knew about the global travel giant Online Republic and their success with an entirely digital business model. When he discovered Search Republic was part of the Online Republic Group and he could leverage their digital knowledge, he was sold. 

Simon and his head of marketing Angela swapped their incumbent digital agency for Search Republic, marking the start of our successful 7+ year ongoing partnership. 

The Search Republic Difference

Our team builds custom strategies for each website, drawing from over 15 years of digital marketing knowledge from spending $100M of our own money in the global travel industry, generating over $1B in online sales.

We worked closely with Simon and Angela to understand Omega’s business model – identifying the most important locations and target markets and deciding which levers to pull to increase ROI.

We undertook a detailed proprietary Search Republic audit, which identifies opportunities within:

  • Campaign Settings
  • Campaign Ad Group and Keyword Structure
  • Ad Copy
  • Banner Ads
  • Extensions
  • Audiences
  • Conversions
  • Negative Keywords
  • Bids

Using the information from the audit, we completely rebuilt Omega’s Google Ads account and rolled out remarketing. 

  • We created additional ads for each ad group.
  • We undertook extensive research to expand Omega’s existing limited keyword list.
  • We built each ad group around tightly themed topics, spreading the net wide to hone in on “gold nugget” industry terms that we knew would help generate solid returns. 
  • We rolled out campaigns on additional channels such as Bing, Facebook and Instagram. 

The best way to continually grow a customer base and sales is to keep optimising campaigns and pushing the client to trial different channels in digital marketing. 

So, we kept very close to the Omega marketing team to understand the impact of our work on the business and tweaked campaigns based on their needs. 


Search Republic drove a 1000%
increase in paid media revenue

What our clients say

The team at Search Republic have delivered on all their promises and continue to be a great company to work with. We are very satisfied with the revenue growth they have helped us deliver, their responsiveness to our queries and their focus on continuous improvement.

Angela HallbergHead of Marketing, Omega Car Rentals