We know what makes a website attractive to Google.
Even if you don’t know where to begin, our search engine optimisation team partners with you to provide an in-depth optimisation of your website in alignment with your business goals. We know all the ins-and-outs of what Google looks for in a high-ranking page, and we use this expertise to elevate your site’s visibility, traffic, and profits.

Our Expertise.

We know what makes a website attractive to Google. After we discuss and understand your business goals, we then research and identify the most important changes your website needs to rank higher for your target audience.

As an SEO agency with over a decade of experience testing and honing websites for some of New Zealand’s biggest companies, we know you can never take Google’s algorithm for granted. Our SEO team monitors every Google update so we can advise the best changes to keep your website ranking well.

Search Republic can help. We’ve partnered with some of New Zealand’s most well-known and loved brands, and performed in-depth keyword research to improve every aspect of their on-page and off-page SEO.

How we can help with your SEO

SEO Audit

Do you want a detailed review of your website and the highest priority issues to fix first? We deep dive into your industry and learn what can give you an edge on competitors. Our comprehensive audit scores your site on all key aspects of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO and reveals your best opportunities to improve.

Keyword Research

If your goal is increasing site traffic, you need to know your audience inside out – what they’re looking for, the phrases they’re using, and the questions they ask. We research and identify the top-converting terms related to your services and products. Using these popular words and phrases will be invaluable in helping your content appear higher up in a search engine results page (SERP).

Keyword Insertions

Want engaging, well-written content that fits your brand tone and is irresistible to your target audience? We write unique and well-crafted copy that captivates attention, yet also includes all necessary keywords, structural requirements, and relevant anchor text. This complex task is performed so well that you won’t even know the difference on-page, but you’ll see it loud and clear in your ongoing traffic and ranking results.

Technical SEO

When it comes to SEO, it’s not just visible content that matters. Everything that goes on behind the scenes is important too. We optimize the infrastructure of a website, making it easier for Google’s and other search engine’s crawlers to digest and index your site so that your optimised content can reach your target audience.


Your website establishes authority and improved search engine rankings when you earn links from other trustworthy sites. Our intensive link-building strategy involves engaging with relevant high-authority sites to ensure they link back to your own. We research new potential third party sites according to your niche and advise on opportunities for further backlink acquisition.

Site Migration

Are you rebranding but want to avoid losing the domain traffic you’ve worked so hard to build? We make sure link authority is carried over when you make major changes to your website content, design, or URL structure. Our thorough site migration services including tracking, analysing problems, performing redirect mapping, and providing structure recommendations, aimed at keeping your search engine visibility firmly intact.

Our Approach

1. Onboarding

We talk with you to build a strong understanding of your business, target audience, and highest-value pages. This information helps us hone in on your top-ranking competitors and best opportunities for growth.

2. Actioning

Based on your site needs, we perform extensive keyword research and technical SEO analysis. We then send SEO recommendations for you to implement – or if you prefer, we can help upload the changes directly to your CMS.

3. Reporting

We provide regular transparent reporting on your organic traffic and ranking progress, plus details about Google’s latest updates that affect your site. All the time, we offer feedback and communication via calls, emails, face-to-face meetings, or any conferencing system you prefer.

What’s the Search Republic difference?

We treat every client as a partner and their success is our success as an SEO agency – when you join us, you tap into over 15 years of SEO experience. Our commitment to building and nurturing proven partnerships means we have helped our partners snowball their organic marketing traffic and rankings with every year they work with us.

We tailor each strategy to unique client needs – and many of our high-profile clients have stayed with us for 5+ years. We’re Kiwi-based, but have worked with sites targeting Google traffic from all over the world, improving organic presence in a range of overseas markets.

We helped to build Online Republic (now known as GoSee) from the ground up – the biggest provider of cars and motorhomes in the universe. Our clients partner with us for long-term growth – 5 years is the current average.

Hear what our partners have to say about us

It’s easy to wow an audience with elaborate wording about SEO. But here at Search Republic, we care about results.
Check out testimonials from clients on the other end of our wonderful partnerships, and discover how Search Republic’s SEO services have shaped their success.

Angela Hallberg

Marketing Manager – Index Tourism Group

Index Tourism Group has not looked back since partnering with Search Republic. Valuing our constant and immediate recommendations in response to changes within Google, Marketing Manager Angela Hallberg says that Search Republic understands the ongoing nature of this process. Not only do we get results, but we facilitate an easy, flexible, and effective working relationship. Hear Angela talk about how Search Republic’s in-depth industry knowledge is resulting in significant gains and improvement for the company.

What our clients say

Our Case Studies.

Read more about how we’ve grown our partnerships.


Mitre 10

Mitre 10 needed an agency who were experts in Analytics and SEO, with the ability to manage a large and complex site migration.

NZ Safety Blackwoods

SEO - NZ Safety Blackwoods needed to establish a strong organic presence in the hugely competitive safety equipment market.

Skyline Enterprises

Search Republic were the perfect fit to understand Skyline’s target audience and get the right message across in organic search.

Plumbing Plus

Search Republic was tasked with enhancing organic presence for Plumbing Plus through increasing traffic, leads, and sales.

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