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Power your online growth and discover new markets and clients. Our Paid Search team partners with you to create successful ad campaigns in alignment with your company goals.

Our Expertise

Delivering a captivating ad to your target audience at the right time has multiplied in complexity. Search strategy has evolved into a plethora of enhanced targeting options, including automated bidding, first-party and offline data integration, Google Shopping, and PPC remarketing.

Failure to integrate these advancements means you’ll lose the opportunity to fully leverage what paid search offers.

That’s where Search Republic comes in. We leverage Google automation and expert knowledge to deliver targeted traffic that converts. We’ve partnered with some of New Zealand’s most well-known and loved brands, performing in-depth research, tracking, and targeting to improve every aspect of their Paid Search strategy.

With adaptable and comprehensive expertise around how Google is evolving and what it wants, we make every click count towards getting meaningful conversion rates that propel your business forward. 

How we can help with your Paid Search

Tracking Setup and Smart Data Integration

Everything comes back to data. We need the right data to make the right decisions for your paid search strategy. Search Republic will set up goals, track conversions, and pull first-party data from your CRM. Know where a purchase originated from to gain valuable data insights and make informed decisions around campaign performance for future optimisation.

Keyword Research

Behind any successful campaign is a thorough keyword research process. Get to know your audience and what they’re really looking for. Search Republic has the tools and experience to find the high-volume keywords your target market is typing into Google, so you can create ads that not only reflect the intentions of likely potential buyers but that will actually reach them in the first place.


Ad Copywriting

We write compelling ad copy that generates the right actions from potential customers and brings them on the conversion journey. Search Republic knows what makes a clickable ad, including integrating relevant keywords, using correct terminology, choosing purposeful extensions, and curating an engaging call-to-action. 

Google Shopping

If you’re selling something, Google Shopping and Smart shopping is a channel that needs to be leveraged. Search Republic uses our expertise to set up and test all aspects of your shopping feed to ensure visibility and high performance, as well as continued optimisation. We stay one step ahead, making sure your Shopping account is aligned with Google’s latest advancements. 


We understand the value of your audience before they even click on an ad. Using Google’s bidding algorithms, we adjust the bids for individuals based on their previous activity in Google Search, Chrome, Android, and YT. We know what they’re ‘in market’ for and if they have an affinity towards your offering. These extra layers of information enable Search Republic to provide significant performance improvements. 

Going Global

Search Republic are experts in bringing Kiwi products and services to the world. Born out of a pure-play e-commerce giant, we understand what needs to be done to take your business global. Whether you’ve decided to test a new market or you want us to manage your entire global digital marketing offering, we provide structure recommendations aimed at maximising your search engine visibility. 

Our Approach

1. Onboarding

We engage with you to build a strong understanding of your company, target audience, and competitors. This information helps us set up goals and events for your website to ensure we’re tracking the right actions to meet your business objectives. 

2. Actioning

We perform extensive keyword research around your product or service offering based on your current setup. We look at how competitive the landscape is and analyse your competitors, allowing us to create successful campaigns that produce results. 

3. Reporting

We provide regular and transparent updates on your organic traffic and competitive ranking progress, plus details about Google’s latest updates that affect your site. We offer feedback and communication via calls, emails, face-to-face meetings, or video conferencing.

What’s the Search Republic difference?

We treat every client as a partner, where your success is our success. When you join Search Republic, you tap into over 19 years of performance marketing experience. We helped build Online Republic (now known as GoSee) from the ground up – the biggest provider of cars and motorhomes in the universe. 

Our clients partner with us for long-term growth, with five years being the current average. Our commitment to building and nurturing proven partnerships has allowed us to grow alongside our partners’ businesses, achieving ongoing sustainable success. Many of our high-profile partners have stayed with us for over five years, some over nine years. 

We actively engage with clients throughout the entire process and tailor our services to the unique goals of each business, whether it’s growing an existing local audience or expanding globally. We’re Kiwi-based but have worked with our partners to build a strong digital presence and thriving sales channels worldwide. 

Hear what our partners have to say about us

It’s easy to wow an audience with fancy concepts related to Google Ads and Bing. But here at Search Republic, we care about results. Check out testimonials from clients on the other end of our incredible partnerships, and discover how Search Republic’s PPC services have informed their success.

Michael Heron QC

Found and CEO – Agreeable

Agreeable have gone through numerous iterations since their start-up beginnings in 2016. They sold one section of the business to an Australian company, partly due to a significant increase in Agreeable’s digital marketing success. CEO, founder, and QC Mike Heron claims this success didn’t come from word of mouth or by paying Google and Facebook – it came from Search Republic’s expertise. Hear more from Mike about how partnering with Search Republic has produced substantial conversion results and expanded possibilities.

What our clients say

Our Case Studies.

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Mitre 10

Mitre 10 needed an agency who were experts in Analytics and SEO, with the ability to manage a large and complex site migration.

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Paid Search - Omega realised there was a huge, growing audience they hadn’t tapped into - online marketing.

NZ Safety Blackwoods

SEO - NZ Safety Blackwoods needed to establish a strong organic presence in the hugely competitive safety equipment market.

NZ Safety Blackwoods

Paid Search - to gain market share across online channels, NZ Safety Blackwoods realised they needed to take digital marketing seriously. 

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