NZ Safety Blackwoods 

81% increase in paid media traffic and 107% growth in paid media revenue within 2 years.

Company: NZ Safety Blackwoods

Dates: Between July 2014 and October 2021

The Challenge

July 2014 marked an impressive 70 years of Kiwi trading for NZ Safety Blackwoods, but what was missing? Their peers were all moving online.

To avoid losing market share across online channels, NZ safety realised they needed to start taking digital marketing seriously. 

The company needed digital marketing solutions – to establish an online presence in the highly competitive market of safety equipment, engineering, workwear, hygiene and packaging.

Word of mouth brought Marketing Manager Andrew Wellgreen to Search Republic’s doors, and the rest is digital marketing magic history – still in the making! 

The Search Republic Difference

  • Search Republic leveraged a wealth of digital marketing knowledge harnessed from investing over $100M of company money over 15 years, generating over $1B in online sales in the travel industry.
    • We worked closely with Andrew and his e-business manager Praful to understand NZ Safety’s business model, advising them how to increase online sales plus build an impressive digital presence to drive foot traffic into their nationwide chain of stores.
    • Search Republic excelled in creating their Google Ads campaigns, ads, and keyword lists – plus Facebook campaigns – from scratch, without needing to overhaul an existing under optimised account.
    • At the heart of a good Google Ads account is the keyword list. We invested a lot of time initially undertaking in-depth keyword research and built out each ad group around tightly themed topics. We spread the net wide with tens of thousands of keywords, honing in on high-value “gold nugget” terms that generated solid returns. 
    • As we recommended to NZ Safety Blackwoods, the only way to continually grow a client’s sales and customer base is to continually optimise campaigns and keep pushing the client to trial different digital marketing channels. 
    • We leveraged our strong relationship with Google to implement the newest digital marketing features as they were rolled out. These included Google Smart Shopping and RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads). 
    • We kept in close and constant contact with the NZSBWs marketing team to understand and track the impact of our work on the business, and tweaked campaigns based on their needs.

    Starting from a base of zero, we have enjoyed partnering closely with the NZSBW team to increase online sales. What our partnership has shown is that by working closely, we can continue to increase NZSBW’s online presence, traffic, and sales.


Since we started in 2014 from almost zero online traffic, we can’t compare that period, but just looking at the past 24 months:


Search Republic drove a 107% increase in paid media revenue between Aug 2019 and Aug 2021

The Results

  • Between 2019 and 2021, NZSBW’s Paid Media traffic increased by 81%.
  • Between 2019 and 2021, NZSBW’s Paid Media revenue increased by 107%.
  • Paid media investment remained the same between 2019 and 2021.

What our clients say

“Search Republic have really understood our business and really understood our customers, that has really helped the relationship grow. They have supported our growth through the digital channels but also through our retail channels. They have really helped us with our technical support, helping improve our infrastructure and platforms. Plus they have been able to continually provide really strong insights showing a path how we will continually improve into the future. ”

Andrew WellgreenDigital Marketing Manager at NZ Safety Blackwoods