NZ Safety Blackwoods 

SEO – 35% more organic sessions and 65.2% increase in organic revenue within 24 months.

Company: NZ Safety Blackwoods

Dates: Between August 2019 and August 2021

The Challenge

After 70 years of trading, NZ Safety Blackwoods decided in late 2019 that they wanted to establish a strong organic online presence in the safety equipment, engineering, workwear, hygiene, and packaging market. 

However, their competitors already had solid search engine visibility. NZSBWs needed to play catch-up fast in the website SEO department. 

NZSBWs had been successfully working with Search Republic on paid digital media since 2014. Head of Digital Marketing Andrew Wellgreen decided in December 2019 that it was time to further the partnership and invest in SEO.

The Search Republic Difference

Search Republic leverages online marketing knowledge harnessed from 15 years of Online Republic competing globally in some of the world’s most competitive industries. Over these years, we have driven millions of potential customers and generated 100s of millions in Online revenue on our own websites.


  • With a sound understanding of NZSBW’s business goals, we were able to get to work quickly with an in-depth SEO Audit which showed us where the low hanging fruit was and created a detailed blueprint for Search Republic to work from.  
  • Using Search Republic’s proprietary SEO processes, we identified significant content opportunities around safety equipment, engineering, workwear, hygiene, and packaging.
  • Our team of content creators expanded and improved content across NZSBW’s site using keywords deemed worthy of the investment. 
  • With such a strong domain that has sat untapped from an SEO perspective, we quickly increased NZSBWs presence in the Search Results pages, increasing traffic and organic revenue. Between  Aug 2019 and Aug 2021:


Search Republic drove a 65% 

increase in organic revenue


The Results

  • Between Aug 2019 and Aug 2021, NZSBW’s organic traffic increased by over 35%.
  • Between Aug 2019 and Aug 2021, NZSBW’s organic revenue increased by 65.2%.
  • Highly searched safety equipment and clothing keywords moved from Google’s pages one and two to the first, second, and third positions on Google’s page one.

What our clients say

“Search Republic have really understood our business and really understood our customers, that has really helped the relationship grow. They have supported our growth through the digital channels but also through our retail channels. They have really helped us with our technical support, helping improve our infrastructure and platforms. Plus they have been able to continually provide really strong insights showing a path how we will continually improve into the future. ”

Andrew WellgreenDigital Marketing Manager at NZ Safety Blackwoods