Display Marketing.

Retarget past visitors and build your brand within your target market.
Need to get in front of past website visitors with targeted messages? Attract visitors to specific pages on your website, or display your brand before new audiences. Whether you need attractive static ads, rich media, or video ads, we have the knowledge and tools to make it happen.

Our Expertise.

Display marketing is a bottomless pit you can continually pour dollars into, all in the name of ‘brand building.’

What matters is targeting – researching your target market, exploring the digital channels they use, and choosing the best media to reach their screens. Only then do you know your display marketing budget is working to its full potential.

We ensure your display campaigns work hand-in-hand with your search campaigns, filling the upper funnel so Paid Search and SEO can get big conversion rates further down the line.

How we can help with your Display Advertising

Tracking Setup & Smart Data Integration

Everything comes back to data. We need the right data in order to make the right decisions. Search Republic sets up goals and pulls first-party data from your CRM. We tap into Google’s Cross Network Attribution modelling and measurement, integrating data from Google Analytics, conversions from Search, Youtube, and Display Ads.


We use tools to build up profiles of users based on their Search, YouTube, Chrome, and Android activity. This allows us to better target people who are in-market for different products and services. We also hone in on target segments using different targeting methods, including Keyword, Demographic, Placement, Topic and Interest targeting.


This is where we target individuals who have already visited your website. If visitors have left items in their shopping cart, we can remind them of this in a display ad, pulling them back to complete the purchase. If they were viewing specific products, we can feature those items in highly targeted ads leading directly back to those pages. We can also exclude certain visitors from seeing your ads to stop budget wastage.


After targeting comes creating effective and compelling ads that make your audience click. Much like Google Search Ads, you need to use language and imagery that resonates with your target markets. With the final addition of a compelling call to action, Search Republic knows how to draw the right traffic to our client’s websites.

Rich Media and In-App Ads

These are ad formats with multiple advanced features, such as YouTube Ads, often used to link to Social media pages. In-App ads are displayed within a mobile app. Rich media ads have various components like video, audio, and animation, resulting in a stimulating user experience leading to higher engagement and conversion rates than traditional display ads.


The key feature of native ads is that they don’t look like ads. Designed to blend into the look, feel, and function of a page, native advertising is thought to be less disruptive and intrusive to the user. We create native ads to appear on social media feeds, as promoted listings, or as recommended content.

Our Approach

1. Onboarding

We talk with you to build a strong understanding of your business, target audience, and highest-value pages. This information helps us hone in on your top-ranking competitors and best opportunities for growth.

2. Actioning

Based on your site needs, we perform extensive data research and targeting analysis. We then send display marketing recommendations for you to implement – or if you prefer, we can help upload the changes directly to your CMS.

3. Reporting

We provide regular transparent reporting on your traffic and ranking progress, plus details about Google’s latest updates that affect your site. All the time, we offer feedback and communication via calls, emails, face-to-face meetings, or any conferencing system you prefer.

What’s the Search Republic difference?

We treat every client as a partner, where their success is our success as a Display Marketing agency. When you join us, you tap into over 15 years of marketing experience. Our commitment to building and nurturing proven partnerships means we have helped our partners to snowball their marketing traffic and rankings with every year they work with us.

Our clients partner with us for ongoing growth, with five years being the current average. We’ve been able to grow alongside our partners’ businesses, achieving long-term sustainable success. Many of our high-profile partners have stayed with us for over five years, some over nine years. 

We helped to build Online Republic (now known as GoSee) from the ground up – the biggest provider of cars and motorhomes in the universe. Our clients partner with us for long-term growth – 5 years is the current average.

Hear what our partners have to say about us

It’s easy to wow an audience with elaborate ideas about Display Marketing. But here at Search Republic, we care about results.
Check out testimonials from clients on the other end of our wonderful partnerships, and discover how Search Republic’s Display Marketing services have shaped their success.

Andrew Wellgreen

Digital Manager – NZ Safety Blackwoods

NZ Safety Blackwoods is constantly changing as a business. Digital Manager Andrew Wellgreen says Search Republic has navigated and adapted to whatever new challenges are presented, proving to be the strong partner needed in such an environment. Although numbers are important, he highlights the insights from reporting as particularly valuable in propelling future growth. Hear more from Andrew about how Search Republic has produced significant improvements within NZSBW’s digital platforms, ensuring they can take full advantage of the opportunities search provides.

What our clients say

Our Case Studies.

Read more about how we’ve grown our partnerships.


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Mitre 10 needed an agency who were experts in Analytics and SEO, with the ability to manage a large and complex site migration.

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Paid Search - Omega realised there was a huge, growing audience they hadn’t tapped into - online marketing.

NZ Safety Blackwoods

SEO - NZ Safety Blackwoods needed to establish a strong organic presence in the hugely competitive safety equipment market.

NZ Safety Blackwoods

Paid Search - to gain market share across online channels, NZ Safety Blackwoods realised they needed to take digital marketing seriously. 

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