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How to add a new user to Google Search Console

GSC – “Search Console” – is the ultimate SEO first-aid kit.
All your organic clicks. All your indexed pages.
Plus – all the pages that aren’t showing up in search yet, and how to fix them.

When you’ve already done the hard yards creating informative, authoritative content, Google Search Console gives you the power to identify any errors standing in the way of maximum online visibility.

Here's how to add someone to your GSC inner circle.

Add users and grant admin access to an existing GSC property
Adding a Search Console user allows you to delegate tasks and share access with trusted individuals.

Step 1: Google Search Console > Settings

  • To add a user to Google Search Console, navigate to and log in. 
  • Select the correct property from the ‘Search Propertydrop-down box
  • Navigate to ‘Settings’ to manage users and permissions.

Step 2: Users and Permissions

  • Under settings, select ‘Users and Permissions’ 
  • Click the ‘Add User’ button.
  • On the add user screen, add the new user’s email
  • Click ‘add’ to provide access to the account

How much can a user affect my website with GSC?

GSC offers a fairly deep level of insight into your site performance, including the most popular pages, existing schema markup code and page loading speed results.

Certain levels of users can also perform actions that directly affect your website, such as pushing for live sitemap.xml files to be crawled, requesting indexation for individual URLs, and requesting for pages to be temporarily removed from search results. 

So, to keep your website and traffic data protected, it’s best to ensure all people who get Google Search Console user access are given the correct permissions.

Benefits of setting up the account yourself

You can monitor who has access from the Owner account. To prevent security breaches, remember to revoke permissions for previous employees or unauthorised third-party agencies and users

Monitoring who has access to your account

If your marketing agency asks to set up a GSC account, do this under your company’s login and then share access with them (rather than the agency setting it up for you). This ensures you remain the property owner, regardless of whether you continue to work with the third-party agency in the future. 

If someone outside of your company owns the property, they will have ownership of the account and can access data and add/remove users as they wish.

Data Security

Taking charge of your account ensures you safeguard your data and control access according to your internal security policies.

Accountability and Transparency

Setting up your own GSC allows you to closely monitor website performance, track any updates or issues and understand your search presence.

Control and Independence

Ownership of your GSC account empowers you to see how your site performs in search and make decisions based on your digital presence. 

Continuity and Long-term Ownership

By setting up your own Google Search Console, you establish a consistent digital asset that remains with your business regardless of external factors.

Steps to edit user permission levels


Sign in to your Google Search Console account.


Select the property you want to change the user’s access level for


Navigate to Settings → Users and Permissions


Locate the user whose permission you want to change


Click on the drop-down menu next to the user's email address


Select the desired permission level from the available options and save your changes

Permissions and Access Levels

Make sure you assign the best permission level based on user roles and responsibilities – outlined below!


GSC has two types of owners –  verified owners and delegated owners. Both have full control over all associated settings.

A verified owner is an individual who has verified ownership of the Search Console property by posting a verification file on the website or their blogger account and the Search Console account are connected to the same Google account

A delegated owner is a person who has been granted ownership status by a verified owner without the need for a verification token, such as an HTML file or tag. They can add users or other delegated owners. 

If the sole verified owner of the website leaves the team, another individual must verify ownership to retain or regain access to the Search Console property.

I need to transfer Ownership – how do I do this?

  1. Log in to your Google Search Console account
  2. Choose the specific web property you want to transfer ownership of
  3. Navigate to Settings Ownership → Add an owner
  4. Enter the Google email address of the new owner.
  5. Click ‘Continue’. The new owner will receive a confirmation email.

Full Permissions

Any user with full permission can:

  • Full access to all the features in GSC, such as view data, handle manual action requests, configure settings and add or remove other users
  • Full-access users cannot remove owners or view sensitive billing information.

Restricted Permissions

Individuals with restricted permission have: 

  • View-only access to most data and restricted access to the disavow tool, crawl errors, sitemaps and robots.txt files. 
  • A restricted user cannot add or remove users.

Associate Permissions

Associates can’t access your Search Console account directly but can perform other tasks, depending on the type of association.

Who should have access to your GSC?

Website Owners

The main marketing manager / website manger should be the verified owner of the website. They should have complete control over the website's performance, search visibility and security settings.

Web admins or SEO Specialists

People who help to manage your website's technical aspects, optimise its performance and improve its search rankings need access to analyse data, identify issues, submit sitemaps and monitor crawl errors.

Marketing Team

Those responsible for analysing website traffic, keyword research and site performance data require permission to optimise marketing campaigns and drive targeted traffic.


Businesses with a dedicated development team should also provide them with access to troubleshoot technical issues, site speed, schema markup code, and indexing.

Third-Party Agencies

When working with external agencies, SEO consultants or website management, grant access based on their scope of work. It's important to review their credentials and grant permission based on what they need – full permissions is enough for them to assist with indexation, without having complete permissions for the account account.

Get more help with Google Search Console.

Still have questions about how to add a user to Google Search Console? The Search Republic team is here to help. Contact us on 6499502633 or by email. See more industry updates on our blog page.

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