Refresh Renovations

Paid Media enquiries increased by 640% for renovation projects.

Company: Refresh Renovations

Dates: Between 2017 and 2021

The Challenge

Born in 2010, Refresh Renovations used its parent company’s core capabilities to grow the brand across NZ and Australia. But in a highly competitive market, that approach could only get them so far. 

Seven years later, in 2017, the founders realised that to grow further in Australasia and extend their presence globally, they needed to use a specialist digital marketing agency.

That’s when they started searching for an agency that understood their core values and business goals and had the ability to take Refresh Renovations to the next level. They were eventually referred to Search Republic, cementing the beginning of our long partnership.

The Search Republic Difference

Search Republic uses digital marketing knowledge on growing a market presence in targeted countries, harnessed from spending over $100m of our own money globally over the last 15 years and generating over $1B in online sales.

  • We worked closely with Gareth and his team to understand the Refresh Renovations business model for retailers and also for targeting potential new owners for their franchises. 
  • We undertook our proprietary Search Republic detailed Audit, which looked at every aspect of paid digital marketing across all platforms including Google, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and identified opportunities for improvement
  • Using the information from the Audit, we completely rebuilt the accounts across different platforms and identified new platforms to utilise. 
  • We also looked further offshore and rolled out digital marketing campaigns into the UK and the US, first to find potential buyers of new franchises, and then to drive customers to those new franchises.  
  • We worked very closely with Gareth and his marketing team in order to understand the impact of our work on the company and tweak campaigns based on their needs. 


B2C Search Republic drove a 640% increase
in paid media enquiries for renovation projects

The Results


Between 2017 and 2021, Refresh’s Paid Media traffic increased by over 941%.


Between 2017 and 2021, Refresh’s Paid Media enquiries increased by over 640%.

What our clients say

The team at Search Republic have delivered on all their promises and continue to be a great company to work with. We are very satisfied with the revenue growth they have helped us deliver, their responsiveness to our queries, and their focus on continuous improvement.

GarethHead of Global Marketing, Refresh Renovations