Omega Rental Cars

SEO for 8+ years increasing organic traffic by 165%.

Company: Omega Rental Cars

Dates: Ongoing from June 2013

The Challenge

In the year 2013, Omega Rental Cars was among dozens of car hire brands competing in a highly fragmented car rental market. Although the brand was already 20 years old, the battle for customers had shifted online and Omega was rapidly losing market share. 

Omega’s founder & owner, Simon Sceats, had heard about Search Republic’s close relationship with the global travel e-commerce giant, Online Republic. He was searching for solid e-commerce results, with a keen focus on ROI for his marketing budget – something he wasn’t getting with their incumbent marketing agency. 

Simon and Omega’s head of marketing Angela Hallberg chose to entrust digital agency Search Republic with their SEO and Paid Search marketing – marking the start of our fruitful 8+ year partnership.

The Search Republic Difference

Search Republic leverages online marketing knowledge harnessed from 15 years of Online Republic competing on the global travel stage. Over these years, we have driven millions of potential customers to our own websites and generated 100s of millions in online revenue.

  • We worked closely with Simon and Angela to understand their business model, identifying the most important locations and markets to target.
  • We undertook a detailed SEO audit of the Omega website, which defined a clear, workable optimisation roadmap for Omega’s on-page, off-page, and technical SEO elements.
  • Using our findings from the audit, we built out successful ongoing SEO strategies for Omega cars to ensure continued organic traffic reach and sustained ranking improvements for key branch locations. 
  • Using Search Republic’s proprietary SEO processes, we identified significant content opportunities to improve rankings for high-value car rental keywords 
  • The Search Republic content creation team undertook in-depth keyword research to refine and optimise content across the site with keywords deemed worthy of Omega’s investment. 
  • Search Republic has remained fully engaged with Omega over the last 8 years, never resting on our past successes. This attitude of constant improvement and growth has enabled us to remain a vital component of the Omega marketing team and to continuously drive great results.  


Search Republic drove a 165%
increase in organic traffic

The Results


Between 2013 and 2019, Omega’s organic traffic increased by over 150%.


Between 2013 and 2019, Omega’s organic revenue increased by 165%.

Highly searched car rental location keywords moved from the
bottom of the page to position one, two or three on Google’s page one.

What our clients say

The team at Search Republic have delivered on all their promises and continue to be a great company to work with. We are very satisfied with the revenue growth they have helped us deliver, their responsiveness to our queries and their focus on continuous improvement.

Angela HalbergHead of Marketing